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My Daily Riddle is a website dedicated to those individuals who enjoy the challenge of solving a riddle written in verse. Some of these riddles are composed by the staff at My Daily Riddle while other riddles have been submitted by visitors such as yourself.

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All riddles composed by the staff at MyDailyRiddle.com are protected by the copyright laws of the United States. Any publication or reprinting of this material without the express written permission of MyDailyRiddle.com is strictly prohibited.

Have you ever had fun solving riddles? If not, you've really missed out on some golden opportunities to enjoy the mental challenge that comes with solving riddles. Riddles come in various forms, from the very simple to the more complex. Once you start solving riddles you'll love them even more as riddles are great brain teasers. Hard riddles make you think more deeply and thus make your brain work in ways it might not otherwise. Many riddle lovers consider riddles a sport, a mental sport that is, not unlike the game of chess.

If you want to start practicing riddles here are some small steps which will help you make it more interesting. The first and foremost is you must have the urge to succeed. The second tip is to develop your own method and style for solving riddles and last, but not least, is to increase your confidence by solving the simple riddles before choosing to move on to the more difficult ones.

Riddles can be lots of fun to solve. These are brain teasers that can leave you LOL once you see the actual answer! These fun riddles can be a great test to see how clever and resourceful you really are. Answering extremely hard, yet fun, riddles can be good exercise for your brain. You can increase your brain speed, improve your cognitive abilities and acquire new mental skills by solving riddles.

As with grown-ups, kids can also enjoy the simple and fun riddles. Those who dare to move ahead and challenge their mind with harder riddles will often find surprising answers. Fun riddles can cover almost any topic, subject matter or field of interest. Some riddles include math, logic, a play on words as well as "what am I" or "who am I".

Solving hard riddles can require more practice and experience. Hard riddles have advantages which can be very beneficial to you. Riddles can brighten your brain, increase your thinking speed and make you more alert. You can become an expert in problem solving and much more as a result. Those who haven't experienced the fun in solving riddles should try it now. If you are interested, you have many options to consider. From easy to hard riddles, plus riddles that rhyme as well as riddles that don't rhyme. MyDailyRiddle.com has many riddles available for you to consider. So, just get started and keep your brain busy!

While usually in the form of an enigma, the veiled meaning within the riddle may also include an implied joke all designed to entertain and puzzle our visitors. These riddles are usually written with a certain rhythm or cadence included. Most riddles on this site are written in verse. Each day of the week a new riddle will be featured. There are also six previously posted riddles from the prior days of the week. When you visit MyDailyRiddle.com again tomorrow, you will find a new riddle waiting for you to solve.